We Are Notorious

Our goal: To combine several perspectives of fitness to help people move, feel, and live better.

No Sweat Intro


Dedicated Times, Coaches, & Space

We have several class hours throughout the day to provide ample opportunities to get a workout in with coaches who care about you as a person and help you understand where to start in a safe space for you to make progress.

Structured Programs

The hardest parts about starting a fitness journey is, one, picking from the thousands of options out there and, two, knowing where to start. Our structured classes/programing takes the guessing work out of the picture. All you have to do is show up to class and we guide you through the rest.

Individually Focused

We do offer group classes, but our focus is on you, the individual. We understand that everyone is at a different part of their journey. That is why in our group setting we make sure to align the day’s work with YOUR goals.



Meet With A Coach

Share your goals with us


Get An Action Plan

Get clear steps that will help you get you to your goals


Get Results

Become the strongest and healthiest version of yourself

Schedule My Free Intro!

Take the guessing work out of the equation - Stop wasting time - Feel better in your daily living


We have a lot to offer, and recommend that everyone (new and current) take advantage of it all, but if you are new, you are going to want to start with a No Sweat Intro.This helps us point you in the right direction with our programs. Once you’ve gotten your feet wet we offer goal setting session to really hone in on where you want to take your journey. From that session we will go into a structural assessment or mobility assessment.

Elite Training

Our Elite Training is the best way to take advantage of everything that we offer. This is a 3-month process that starts off with a Goal Setting session, Structural Assessment and Baseline Metabolic Fitness Test. From there we build a program consisting of 1:1 Personal Training sessions and group classes. At the end of the session we will assess your progress by issuing another Metabolic Fitness Test.

Personal Training

We put the “Personal” on Personal Training. Our goal is to address your needs and help you move, feel, and live better. Our training philosophy revolves around: StrongFit, Functional Range Conditioning, and CrossFit principles. We believe that approaching training with multiple perspectives helps provide long lasting results and autonomy for better living.