"Thank you to Gerardo, and to all of the coaches and all the members for making me feel like “I got this”!"

I started this journey by basically hitting what I call my fitness “Rock Bottom”.  After telling one of my Dive Students that you needed, at least, a basic level of physical fitness to Scuba Dive, I looked at myself in the mirror of the changing room and what I saw was the direct opposite of what I had told the student.  I felt like a hypocrite and I needed to change. I knew that going to the gym and riding a bike or the elliptical machine at my own pace would not be the answer. I needed to be held accountable and to be pushed. But CrossFit? It’s a cult where puking is a badge of honor right?  My brother has been doing it since the beginning and assured me that is not the case so after some back and forth I decided to try it out.

I signed up for a free introductory class at a local “Box” to only be pushed to the corner with no instruction or any attention to what I was doing.  I have never felt like a 51 year old “Old Man” before this and now questioned if this was the right choice. Maybe this elitist cult wasn’t for me. Then I discovered CrossFit Notorious.  From the moment Jacob walked me around at the Open House I knew I was home. Gerardo was amazingly reassuring that CrossFit was not the cult I thought it was and the coaches would work with my fitness level and “Orthopedic” issues.  So I signed up for the 28 day fitness challenge and a membership.

 Everyone I met was friendly and most of all encouraging.  I had never experienced this in a gym before. It was a community of people all there to push themselves and each other to better themselves.  No one was there to make anyone feel bad about themselves or to intimidate them. This was so foreign to me in a gym setting. People who I hadn’t even met yet were “cheering” me on and telling me “you got this Frank”.  Was this for real? Well it was real and it’s because CFN is a family…and I immediately felt like a part of it.

Well I am now 6 months and over 100 WOD’s in and I am totally hooked.  Both on CrossFit and CFN. I have been doing 3-4 days a week up until now and have set a goal of 5 days a week beginning after my return from my vacation.  I have lost 13lbs of fat and gained almost 2.5 pounds of muscle and I do not see an end to this. It is now part of my life and the part of my day that I most look forward to.  CFN was the single most important thing I have done to get myself into shape both physically and mentally. Thank you to Gerardo, and to all of the coaches and all the members for making me feel like “I got this”!  

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