Notorious Run Club

A three month experience to better understand running and be apart of a group.

Over these 12 weeks, we will meet once a week to go over: running technique, breathing, and go on group runs together. As well as providing an online learning platform through mighty networks, which you could learn more about below.

A Run Club For Everyone

We want to make locomotion (running/walking): accessible, achievable, and rewarding. We believe that locomotion is part of being human, it is one of the things that we do best, and no one should be deprived of learning how to run or how to improve their running.

Whether you are: new to running, hate running, love running, are an avid runner, or are anything in between, we will work with you. The goal is to provide a meditative perspective to running while going over how to run the way our bodies were meant to, and using these gained insights to improve our running and overall fitness.

What Is Involved

3 Months - 4 Group Sessions Per Month - Lifetime Online Course
This club will run (hahaha get it?) for three months, and in that time we will be meeting once a week on Sundays @ 11:30 AM. During these meet ups we will go over running technique, breathing, and preform group runs. A rough lesson plan of the weeks could look like this: Week 1
  • Intro to new skill(s) and breathing
  • Practice said skill(s)
  • Short run
Week 2
  • Revisit/fresh skill(s)
  • Long(er) Run
Outside of our meet-ups, we will have an online course on our mighty networks, which will have all main concepts that were introduced in a broken down fashion. This course will be for you to revisit at any time as a review, ask questions, and interact with everyone in the club virtually. As fate would have it, the run club also ends when race season is at its peak. For those who are willing to participate, we are hoping to get a group together to run a race (each individual is responsible for their own race fees and forms).

Using Unconventional Tools To Be Unconventionally Good

Brought to you by the WeckMethod - SoleSteps & ProPulsers
We discovered the WeckMethod about 3 months ago, and have been following the work of David Weck closely. When we discovered his work we picked up a pair of the SoleSteps and ProPulsers and put them to work on ourselves. We have seen the implications these tools have on running technique, and want to share our findings with members of the run club. The SoleSteps are designed to help with proper alignment of the bones that make up our legs and force distribution through the feet. The ProPulsers are meant to help train ground reaction force when running. To learn more about the WeckMethod and the tools and education they provide go check them out on instagram our visit their site.

Do What You Were Meant To, And Start Enjoying Running

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