"Pushed me to limits I didn't think that I had"


"Super knowledgeable and encouraging coaches, a welcoming tight-knit community, amazing facility, and Gerardo is a very engaged owner/coach. I came in as almost a complete CrossFit newbie and he really helped me learn form and push me to limits I didn’t think that I had.
This gym is a a great spot to achieve your fitness goals and meet cool people. Plenty of classes available and it’s really clean. The workout programming truly scales to each athletes’ ability. Highly recommended to anyone looking for a challenge!"


- Ovy, a member



Helps Prevent Injury

The cold plunge helped Gabe prevent injury while training for the 2023 Chicago Marathon.

Better Recovery & Sleep

Francis uses the cold plunge to improve his recovery and have deeper sleep.



"It's About

Functional Fitness"


"My assumption was that it was for professional athletes, but when I looked into it I saw that it was actually functional fitness. It was more about activities of daily living and the exercises were framed to keep us moving.
Especially with us being older, it was intended to help us get out of bed, off the floor, get stuff above our head. So before I thought, wow, at our age we could never do crossfit, but really it's about functional fitness."


- Lisa, a member for 5 years



"Genuinely want you to reach your goals"

"Amazing facility and staff.  My husband and I are so happy we found this gem right near home!  They are a family run business who genuinely want you to reach your goals and make you feel better.  
Class times are convenient and parking is never an issue.  I would highly recommend."
- Hanna Yang, a member

"More confident

in all aspects of life"


"Joined Notorious in December 2022, and have absolutely no regrets.  In just those few months I feel fitter, stronger, healthier, and more confident in all aspects of life.  Looking forward to keep progressing with the Notorious team (members & staff).
The facility, staff, and other members are awesome and very welcoming!  Whether you are an experienced CrossFit athlete, mid level, or completely new to it, they have different skill/workout variations for all their classes."


- Alexander C, a member


"The best investment I've made on myself"

"I joined Notorious with the intention to improve my overall strength and lose weight in the process and I can honestly say it's been the best investment I've made on myself.
I've been able to lose the weight, gain the strength and improve my overall mobility and endurance. Highly recommend Notorious Fitness!!"
- Elvis M, a member