Personal Training

With an all inclusive training style, feel what its like to become the strongest version of you


Our training philosophy is unique and will help you, not only, improve your performance, but create a sense of autonomy.

Personal Training, to us, is a way to elaborate on the fundamentals of the human body. Addressing: Breathing, Foundational Movements (squat, hinge, push, pull), and Metabolic Intensities.

The basis of our philosophy comes from multiple avenues of the fitness industry: StrongFit, FRC, and CrossFit. Taking from these sources makes Personal Training with us an experience and not just another day in day out program.

Our personal training will:

  • Build strength, strong mobility, and physical readiness
  • Improve metabolic capabilities (See our metabolic testing page)
  • Instill confidence for you to continue training

Whether you are: starting your fitness journey, are an avid exerciser, or are involved in sports. Our Personal Training Program will provide you with something new and take you to your next level.

Functionality For Anything

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Core To Extremity

Our training principles start with a CrossFit classic, and that “core to extremity”. This principle, states that when training, for every movement to be done and done well, we must start with a strong core. While this is one of the founding principles of CrossFit, it was reaffirmed through StrongFit and their application of Torque Chains. During the Personal Training Program the core will be a focus that never goes away, it will be the basis of everything that we do.

Tension Over Position

The idea of “tension over position” was taken straight from the work of Julien and Richard from ┬áStrongFit. This principle has been a game changer in our personal programming and is something that we believe in. Applying this principle means that we focus on HOW we are doing an exercise as opposed to WHAT we are doing. This means that we align an exercise with what we want to feel and what we are working towards. Personal Training focuses on the HOW and not the WHAT, helping you understand where and when we want to feel something rather than just giving you something to memorize. We believe in helping the individual understand themselves more and have a sense of autonomy.

Strength Inside & Out

Having gone through the Functional Range Conditioning (FRC) training, we have redefined what “mobility” means to us. This new definition, we found, is synonymous with strength. We believe in building strong and able joints to have a strong body. Applying FRC principles to daily personal training allows us to unlock new found strength that we didn’t know was possible. To learn more, check out our Functional Range Conditioning page.

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