Gymnastics Workshop

Master pull ups and Bar Muscle Ups!

Price: $20

Event Date:February 29th, 2020 11:00 am

In this two part workshop you will learn the techniques you need to master various pull ups and muscle ups!

Part 1 consists of:

– Kipping 101
– Kipping Pull-ups
– Chest to Bar
– Butterfly Pull-ups
*Must have 1-2 strict pull ups*

Part 2 consists of :

– Bar Muscle Up progressions (how to scale: scale, practice, transition, kip)
– Single Bar Muscle ups
– Stringing Bar Muscle ups
*Must have chest to bar pull ups*

You have the option to purchase whichever part you want for $20 or both parts for $30!

Come and master your pull ups and bar muscle ups!

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