3 - Month All Inclusive

Elite Training Program

Create and redefine your fitness while developing a well rounded mindset.

For new and experienced athletes that are committed to creating a fitness regime and lifestyle that’ll finally give them the freedom and control over their fitness.

A Step By Step Path To:

Create your definition of fitness, be consistent with your goals both in and out of the gym, and learn how to take care of your body. Get your Movement foundation guide here. (PDF breaking down the hinge, squat, and press patterns)

The Program

Elite has everything you wish you knew when you were starting or scaling your fitness and health.

Dive deeper into understanding what fitness means to you, identify weaknesses, and create the perfect plans for the execution as we co create exactly what you need to live and fulfill your vision of fitness. 

Get clear directions to your path for achieving your fitness goal, and mentoring on how to stay focused and engaged in your fitness.

Create systems of habits for a consistent growth of not only physical fitness, but also well rounded wellness.

...there is a reason why members call this the ELITE of the elite

Elite is condensed into micro-steps with personal coaching from Notorious’s team of Expert coaches to ensure it is fast tracked by not making the same mistakes as they did in their journey .

You’ll  know exactly what the next step is, how to execute each workout, and overcome challenges + create leverage for yourself to flow in fitness and in life.

Prepare for your fitness goals to become your reality within 90 days and live the life for Elite now-not later.

And let’s be honest..

We all know that maintaining our fitness goals, and regime in the best of circumstances is difficult enough on your own.

The industry is saturated. It’s challenging to start a program when you don’t even know where to start or have the support system in place to help you keep taking action. 

And now in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis,

Your health couldn’t be anymore important. Getting the right support and strategies to thrive and grow your health as an athlete is not a luxury anymore, 

It’s an absolute MUST.

And the people who are investing in themselves and asking for support are thriving now - just like Sarah W

I've been training one-on-one with Jacob here for several months as soon as the gym reopened following the initial pandemic closings. Not only have they been amazing with cleaning, sanitizing, limiting class size and number of people in the building, but most importantly I've realized significant gains in my strength and cardiovascular endurance. - Sarah W “

Elite gives you the exact steps, feedback, and 1 on 1 coaching for what to do as you implement tried, tested, proven strategies that ensures you create a lifestyle and receive the fitness level that you’ve always dreamed of achieving. 

Plus, you’ll  create momentum alongside a community of like-minded individuals that are committed to health and wellness in their careers and lives. It’s time to think and act like an Elite level athlete to make a difference in your health and wellbeing. 

Grow your fitness. Overcome your boundaries. Create your elite fitness. 

This will be the most impactful program you’ll ever experience. 

Be Elite. Be Strong. Be the Person you are aspiring to be.

The Experience

Here’s what you’ll experience over the next 90 days,

Learn how to structure your nutrition , how to balance your fitness lifestyle with your career, and how to use your fitness to elevate your career. 

If you want to finally develop a lifestyle that is both fulfilling and allows for your training to be at the next level, then join Notorious and a community of Elite training committed athletes. 

Understand exactly what to do and how to execute on it as you transform your life and your fitness in a way you never dreamt possible

Every Weekend you will get...


A Weekly Coaching Call


A Specialized Live Group Session


Nutritional Guidance

Whenever you take action...

You will have new questions and challenges. The Notorious Elite Team will support you with individualized coaching so you know exactly what to do to keep your momentum going as you create your dream fitness level and control in your life. 


Coaching Calls

12 Weeks of Group Coaching calls

These coaching calls are a way for us to go over: our weekly goals/focus, share experiences from the week, and share any questions that we may have on any of the material.

2 Specialized Group Sessions / Week

These sessions differ from your standard group class...

They focus on developing well rounded strength and applying principles to take with you for your day to day living and any other activities you do by using unconventional methods and equipment.

3 High Intensity Classes / Week

Our classes are lead by expert coaches that focus on the individual in front of them.

These intimate classes are a group setting that give you the energy, accountability, and community feel that you need to get the most out of your workout.

The Nutritional Awareness Program

A program designed to develop nutritional independence

Nutrition programs typically hand you everything and leave you without a way of continuing your progress, this one gives you the tools you need to make your own nutritional choices that will help create long lasting progress.

The Foundation Program

This program furthers your insights into how and why we should approach training.

The Foundation focuses on three aspects of life: Movement, Breath, and Nutrition, specifically how these items relate to the nervous system. The Foundation is a set of principles that are meant to applied wherever, whenever, and help provide long lasting results.

How the Elite Program is right for me?

To create success and control in your fitness life and wellbeing, the RIGHT habits and environment is essential. So we’ve created a comprehensive system that ensures that you stay on the path - even if you have a bad day. 

Put Simply? We Support you 

An Antifragile Method.

Through years of trial and error and experiences, we refined and honed our method. The fat has been trimmed, the complex has been made simple and solely the best-practices are what you’ll receive and focus on. 

A Step-by-Step Program

Receive small and simple steps to take - gone are the days of vague concepts and confusion. Every step is laid out in simple, focused detail… success is yours regardless your past experiences or current knowledge level.

A Clear Path To Freedom

We are laser-focused on ONE outcome.Unlike other programs that teach anything that 'works', we are 100% committed to only the proven principles & strategies to help develop long lasting health and wellness.

Freedom and Fulfillment

We are ruthlessly committed to helping every single athlete  have a clear, empowering path to their elite fitness

Be Strong. Be Free.

This isn't just about increasing your back squats, and finding the perfect macros.It's about creating a lifestyle that is strong and built to last. Experience freedom for yourself and take control of your health. 

Start Your Journey. Become Elite.