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Crossfit Rx

CrossFit Rx is our main program at CrossFit Notorious. What we focus on in this class is constantly varied functional movements performed at a high intensity; so we take things that would be performed in the outside world and mash them into a 60 minute workout. It may sound like just a pile of random things, but here at Notorious we strategically plan our training programs so that everyone is progressively learning new skills and getting stronger in some way, everyday.


Our endurance workouts are great for anyone at any fitness level. These workouts are programmed with lighter loads and higher reps to test a person’s physical and mental ability to go the distance.

Notorious Strength

Notorious Strength is a strength training program revolved around the two main olympic movements, the snatch and clean & jerk, while still focusing on total body strength and mobility. During our Notorious Strength class we dissect the two olympic movements to ensure that everyone achieves sound technique for optimal and safe performance.

Mace Training

Mace (also known as a Gada) training can be dated back to over 1,000 years ago. It was and is still used in Middle Eastern and Indian strength training. The Mace provides a type of strength training unlike any other. It forces the user to have intention, a mind body connection, that allows you to have full control over what happens next. This practice is a great tool to help strengthen the body, the mind, and the range of motion of your shoulders and spine.


Crossfit and Strength training do wonders to our bodies, inside and out, but sometimes these practices can leave us sore and stiff. Learning martial arts will help you, not only stay limber, but also teach you how to generate power from your hips into your arms and legs. Through this practice you will strength smaller muscles that protect your joint, in turn allowing the tricky movements in CrossFit and strength training to feel a lot stronger and natural. Our Kickboxing program revolves around teaching you self defense and also making movement feel better.

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2710 W. Belmont Ave Chicago IL