90-Day Notorious Experience

What could've been in 2020, can be a reality today.

Prioritize your wellbeing with a clean slate.

The Notorious 90-Day Experience

Head Coach, Jacob explains our program.

Get Started In 3 Steps


No-Sweat Intro

Schedule your No-Sweat Intro to meet with one of our certified personal trainers and discuss your goals in depth. We offer intros both through phone call or an in-person meeting, just let us know which works best for you!


Complete Assessments

Complete your movement and fitness assessments so your personal trainer can create a well-rounded program that suits your needs as well as your personal goals.


Dive Into Your Program

Dive head first into your personalized fitness program all with the help of your trainer. Your trainer will take you through re-testing and re-assessments on a monthly basis to make sure you are progressing towards your goals.

Our 90-Day Experience Athlete, Joe

Shares His Journey


"So far, with nearly a full month in, I’m absolutely LOVING the Notorious 90 Day Fitness Challenge Experience. I’ve looked for a program like this for years. I’ve done personal training in the past but this is another level. I already feel the strongest and healthiest I’ve been in years. I began the program at the beginning of the year (2021) by undergoing a PNOE test which is the foundation of the program. From the initial test results, additional assessments are done - metabolic thresholds, nutrition plans are developed, and appropriate heart rate training zones are established.

Following the planning and assessment, the program begins with three days of personal training and two days of WODs. The personal training not only takes into account the WODs that I will do that week, but is strategically different than a traditional WOD. The personal training involves breathing technique, sandbag workouts, sled use and ropes. It works the full body and attacks those muscles that you don’t traditionally get to incorporate during a WOD. I’m literally sore in different places every single day. In terms of the WODs, Coach Jacob even provides tweaks to the workout based on my ability and goals. I’ve also started taking kicking boxing with Coach Gerardo Sr once a week as one of my personal training sessions and it’s absolutely awesome and intense to say the least. It’s an intense session like I’ve never experienced before.

Not only am I incredibly happy with the program and results, the price is truly exceptional for everything that you get, especially the time and attention. WORTH EVERY SINGLE PENNY. This is something that I hope to do annually. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the program as well as to look at before and after pictures and end of program PNOE Metabolic test results."