One Step Closer To Nutritional Independence

An 8-Week nutritional experience that puts education and understanding at the forefront

Create and Redefine Your Nutrition.

Understand what nutrition is to YOU and how you can learn to listen to your internal signals to navigate your nutrition and your goals.
This 8-Week experience is broken down into 8 topics (one per week), each one building on the other. The goal of these topics is to give you the education and principles you need to shape your path to nutritional freedom.  

With This 8-Week Program You get:

  • 8 Group calls to go over the weeks material and answer any questions
  • 8 homework assignments to put that weeks material into practice
  • Access to the online course through mighty networks
  • Access to our mighty network community for training tips, weekly discussions, and more

The Program:

Nutrition is such an important part of living life. It has a direct effect on who we are and what we do. It also seems like everyone is talking about it these days...

From tik-tokers, Instagram influencers, and your auntie who lost 15 pounds. You can not go to the restroom without hearing a thought on nutrition.

These 8-Weeks will help you think for yourself. We don't have the power to shut up every influencer out there, but we can help you understand nutrition and the holistic mindset that comes with it. Here is an outline of what the 8-Weeks will look like:

  • Week 1: What Is Nutrition?

    • Setting expectations / Program overview

    • Nutrition as a foundation / Intro to Macros

  • Week 2: What Are Macros?

    • Breakdown of macros and how they relate to calories / Plating

  • Week 3: Constantly Varied Functional Foods

    • How to assess yourself

    • Food Variance

  • Week 4: What Is Food?

    • The purpose of eating / relation to the nervous system

  • Week 5: Food Relationships

    • A discussion on food habits and emotion

  • Week 6: You Can't Eat Without Cooking

    • How cooking plays a role in nutritional wellness

  • Week 7: Level Up

    • An increase in challenges (i.e eat 2-3 foods from each macro category)

  • Week 8: Continuing Mindset

    • How to give yourself freedoms and not restrictions

Independence and freedom are seldomly taught, because they threaten the revolving doors of the "weight-loss" industry, and they do not like to loose money. Us? We want you to be able to stand on your own two feet and decide what is best for you. This could be all you need for your fitness and wellness journey, or maybe you would feel more comfortable with further support, either way...

We are here FOR YOU!

Enroll today 7 spots available!

  • Date: August 7th
  • Time: 12:00pm
  • Price: $99 (20% discount for CFN Members)

Better Nutrition For A Better You

Nutritional Independence is the key to long lasting change.