WOD 10/16/2014

Warm Up – Stretch

Unbroken (AMRAP – Rounds)

20 minutes

Complete as many rounds as possible without breaking, or tripping up.

You can rest in-between complete rounds but you cannot rest in-between sets of movements.

Example you cannot complete 30 Wall Balls and rest for a minute before you do the 30 KB swings. If you trip on your 30DU, you have to start all over with 30 WB, 30KB, then back to the 30DU.

10-20-30-40-50-60 etc…

Wall balls (14/20)

KB swings – Russian (35/53) (Rx+ American KB swings)

10 D/U


15min AMRAP

Reps 5-10-15-20….

Scale Wall Ball and KB

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