Welcome to CrossFit Notorious

Happy New Year CrossFit ForeFront Community!

As we begin the year, the newly formed CrossFit Notorious has acquired the assets of CrossFit ForeFront with a positive and continuing relationship with CrossFit ForeFront.  Alex Martinez and Shane Griffith are working closely with Harrison Heller and Leslie Straessle with intentions to improve the strong community you are apart of. As we are changing management we have changed our branding. Below are some other questions you might have or feel free to ask us!


What will change for the current members of CrossFit ForeFront?

We expect you will only experience positive things. Both Harrison and Leslie will remain as coaches and still very involved in building the community. The location, classes, and pricing will remain the same for the foreseeable future. New floors and new paint are planned along with other exciting cosmetic changes associated with the rebranding.


What will change with current membership agreements and pricing?

Your January billing will be processed by CrossFit ForeFront, but starting February 1st billing will be from CrossFit Notorious. You will be asked to enter a new membership agreement with CrossFit Notorious, but your current membership rate and terms will not change. Your previously agreements will be matched and advertised prices will remain the same for the foreseeable future as well.


Will there be scheduling changes?

All current class times will remain the same too. Over the course of the new year we intend to expand the offering to provide additional times and class types. We are tentatively planning to be closed January 20-22 for the replacement of the floors.


Thank you for all your support during this transition! We appreciate your patience and will work hard to help you achieve new goals in 2014. Welcome to the new box!



Alex, Harrison, Leslie & Shane









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  • Peter nam

    Could you tell me what I should do about my punch card with 7 remaining classes left on it? Will it be honored? Should I come in to have it replaced? I’m currently in the midst of my “busy season” at work so I haven’t been able to come in recently. Thanks.

    • Shane Post author

      Great question! Yes, current punch cards will still be honored and when you come in we should have new CFN ones to swap yours out with. Hopefully soon, we will go all digital with memberships and punch cards so that it’s much easier to keep track of and you don’t have to worry about losing it.

      Hope to see you back in the box soon!