Welcome Melissa and Mareille

It’s been quite a busy month here at CFN! With the weather finally starting to turn for the better it seems as if many of you decided to crawl out of the bear cave and get active again. (We are open year round you know?) There’s still plenty of room for more of you lurkers out there to join and in efforts to get ready for the next phase of CFN’s growth plans we have decided to bring on board two fantastic new additions to the coaching team.

It’s with great excitement to announce that we now have, not one, but two new female coaches joining staff this month! Please join me in welcoming Melissa Ontiveros and Mareille Rolon. These two enthusiastic ladies are no strangers to the CFN community and a big part of what makes it so special.

Welcome Melissa and Mareille!




Melissa Ontiveros

Mel was introduced to Crossfit in December 2012. She was looking for a way to get in shape but was tired of the workout videos, elliptical machines and lack of intensity at most traditional gyms. Without prior experience in athletics in college or high school, Mel fell in love with the competitiveness of the sport. She is a strong believer that hard work means powerful results, and preaches to women that lifting does not mean getting bulky! Mel is a prime example that Crossfit can turn anyone into an athlete and looks forward to sharing her passion with others at the box.



Mareille Rolon

Mareille has always been very active and into sports. She was a competitive gymnast for 10 years and participated in her high school’s track and cheerleading teams. Mareille was a member of the Florida Gulf Coast University Cheerleading team while attending the university for her undergraduate degree. After college, she cycled through commercial gyms hoping to find the right gym to help her reach new health and fitness goals. In August of 2012, Mareille decided to give CrossFit a try and she was hooked after her first class! The variety in movements, olympic lifting, and challenging tasks brought back the competitive fire in her. Although, what Mareille enjoys most about the sport is the community. There is nothing better than starting your day or finishing your day working out with people you consider family. CrossFit has been a life changing experience for Mareille and she is excited to help others achieve their health and fitness goals.


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