Trodo 12.2014

Be courageous. Be vulnerable. Just do the Trodo Open!

What The Heck is the Trodo Open? The Trodo Open is for all athletes at all skill levels. It’s all about community! The Open is NOT a “qualifier” for the Trodo Games. It’s simply a fun, team-based workout  designed for all athletes to come together to represent our box with pride. The more of us that do the open the better our box score will be!

Is it going to be hard? NO. It’s a simple workout – four athletes, three movements (wall balls, kettle bell swings, and a row) for a 15 minute AMRAP. Click here to see the Trodo Open Workout Standards video for more info!

When is it?
This Saturday, December 6th!
Starting at the 10am class.

Check in with Roy or Cassi for more info.

Bring a friend or family member along with you too.

Be there!


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