Time to say goodbye

The time has come to say goodbye and  a bit of a tribute to the former owners of CrossFit ForeFront – Harrison & Leslie. From the first day that I met these two I’ve been amazed by what they were able to achieve at such an early point in their lives. It’s impressive and takes entrepreneurial guts to start a successful small business in the city of Chicago during an economic climate that was challenging to say the least. Many think it’s easy to open your own box, well as I’m sure these two can attest to it’s far from easy to be a full-time coach and at the same time run the day to day activities of a business. A lot of hours and literally sweat equity went into creating CrossFit ForeFront – for that please join us in saying thanks for making it all happen!

Leslie’s last day will be Friday March 14th and Harrison’s last day will be March 29th.

We wish you best of luck on your future endeavors in life and business.

– Alex & Shane


Leslie_HarrisonA message from Leslie:


Hello Crossfit Notorious members!

Harrison and I just wanted to take the time to say a little goodbye since we don’t see all of you on a day to day basis. This is my last week, and Harrison will be leaving at the end of March. We can’t begin to describe what an amazing experience it has been to create this community and watch it grow. So many of you have hit such huge milestones since we opened and each and every one of you is an inspiration to us. We have watched you get stronger, faster, and healthier. It is amazing to see all of you reach your goals and begin to set new ones as you get better and better. Some of you have made entire lifestyle changes because of this community you chose to become a part of, and though your friends may hate how much you talk about crossfit, you are probably a huge role model for them as well. We are proud of everything all of you have done and are so thankful to have met and experienced this last year and half with you. You are the reason coaches love doing what they do. Whenever we are back in Chicago, we will be sure to come visit. We will miss you all and thank you again for all the good times you gave us! You guys are all in great hands with Shane and Alex taking over and will be treated with as much care and attention.

– Leslie and Harrison


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  • Jeff

    Focused, committed, intelligent, informed, fun, entertaining, accommodating, well thought out, creators, builders, Forefront/Notorious community; a few words that come to mind when I think of my young friends, made an old timer feel relevant. Dbl H and Leslie 2013 was a fun time at the box, you two are winners and the best is yet to come, hope to see to you each time you’re back this way………….Jeff (the old man)