Schedule Updates April 2014

Hey CFN members, friends and family!

Please take a moment to review our calendar as there’s been a few recent updates.

First, we’re excited to announce a new CrossFit Lt Power Hour Class at noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays!! This class serves multiple purposes for CFN and the CrossFit community. It is designed to be an on-boarding of new people to the sport of Crossfit in a non-intimidating educational approach. The focus will mostly be foundational body weight movements and take additional time educating each movement no matter how trivial it may seem. After completion of 5 power hour classes new members will be able to join CFN and do regular classes w/o taking any 1-on-1 foundations. I know some of you have already attended this class and are wondering if we will offer it at other times throughout the day, for now it’s only 3 days a week at noon but we are looking for ways to expand this to other hours. Stay tuned!

In addition to the Power Hour we have also added a private class on Wednesdays at 3:30pm for the Lane Tech and Gordon Tech Wrestling Teams. This class provides a strength and conditioning program for young athletes ages 14-18 who are looking for general fitness and a program to compliment their off season wrestling training. We look forward to watching these teens get stronger, fitter, and less prone to injury. There’s a strong focus on personal goal setting along with team building drills to create a sense of community and accomplishment. – This class is restricted to only these students, please contact us for additional information if you are interested in offering for your school and/or team.

As many of you know we have also added to the schedule CrossFit Heros and Girls on Sundays from 10am-1pm. This class focuses on doing one of the Girls or Hero WODs or a combination of several of them. The “Girls” WODs in CrossFit are considered the benchmark CrossFit workouts and are named after the women who first did them. “Hero” WODs are CrossFit workouts named after soldiers who have been killed in action. There are no set start times to joining this class, and it is a fun way to finish off the week. (Sunday Fun Day) – Please note that the upcoming April 20th session is canceled this month for Easter Sunday.

Last, we have unfortunately had to remove the impromptu 3:30-4:30 Open Gym times from the schedule. A few of the coaches still like to come in at this time but we are unable to consistently provide it on the calendar. If you talk one of them into coming in early for an extra fun WOD then please go for it.

As we all get adjusted to the new schedule and coaching staff – I am often asked who is coaching when. If you login to your Front Desk account (from desktop or mobile) you will notice the calendar will also list the coach that is scheduled for the hour. We are doing our best to keep this updated weekly so please check it out and update your profile picture while you are at it!


-Alex and Shane

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