Changing your membership

Life changes, things change, we get that…


Use the Membership Hold Form if you need to place your membership on hold.

Please see our Membership Terms & Conditions before placing your plan on hold.


Use the Membership Cancellation Form if you need to cancel your membership.

Please see our Membership Terms & Conditions before canceling your plan.


Use the Contact Us Form if you would like to change your membership plan.



How Front Desk calculates a change in plans

When replacing a plan with a less expensive plan, the unused value of the current plan is deducted from the price of the new plan. For example, a plan that is worth $199 per month and is canceled halfway through the month of March with $100 of value remaining would deduct the remaining $100 from the price of the new plan.

If payment for the current plan is overdue, Front Desk can’t properly calculate the difference between the current and future plans. All of the plan’s scheduled payments to date on the plan’s Bills page need to be reconciled before you can exchange the current plan for a new one.




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