CFN Barbell Club

We are excited to announce that starting Wednesday June 10th Ivan Kostenko is joining the CFN team and will be coaching an Olympic lifting class called the CFN Barbell Club! Ivan has been weight training from a very young age. He was a member of the Ukrainian Junior National Olympic Lifting team and has an amazing depth and knowledge in health, mobility, strength exercises, and is all about technique and power improvement for Olymipic lifting . Ivan is USAW Oly Level 1 coach and can put up some serious numbers; best snatch 130kg , c/j 155kg , back squat 200kg . We are very pleased to have Ivan join the team and begin offering the Barbell Club program at CFN!
CFN Barbel Club
Monday’s and Wednesday’s 

$25 per class or
12 Pass – Barbell Club (CFN Members) ($120)
12 Pass – Barbell Club (Non-Members) ($240)


Enrollment on FrontDesk is Required.

Space is limited to 4 athletes per session. 



CFN Barbell Club is open to all athletes and is a 90 minute session that focuses primarily on practicing and improving technical execution of the snatch, clean & jerk and related lifts. Whether you are a CrossFitter or an Olympic Weightlifting enthusiast, these sessions will give you all that you need to add strength, speed, coordination, and flexibility to your lifts and to your performance.


Programming varies on a weekly basis and it is recommended to attend twice a week for six weeks. Please arrive early to warm-up, mobilize, and gear-up before class. You must be capable of completing movements such as; snatch, clean & jerk, perform dynamic pulling drills, perform upper body strength and/or dynamic work, perform squats for strength and/or speed, and core strengthening routines.


Our physical space and equipment is limited, so there will be a limit of 4 Athletes per session. Only Olympic and auxiliary lifts will be practiced at this time. Individuals with little or no prior experience with the Olympic lifts will be encouraged to attend CFN Foundations and/or private coaching sessions if training and technical work is beyond what can be accomplished during the club time.


For more information or to enroll in a session please see one of our CFN coaches and we will be happy to help!

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